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Vibrational Products

High Energy Foods and Supplements

Want to eat good, healthy food but don’t have time or space for the prep?  These foods, beverages, and supplements are full meal replacements, easy to travel, and will sustain your energy as you work, play, or travel....with just opening a packet and mixing with hot or cold water. Vegan, too! Choose from nutritional easy- mix shakes, teas, body balancing teas and electrolyte beverages.

I have 2 personal stories to tell about these foods.  One for myself, one from my son: Mine first, working long days in summer heat while presenting authentic Native American crafts and music, I found that if I ate and drank these during the days I would be clear and energetic even at 10pm and sleep well without pain without being overtired.  When I ate regular food and beverages, not true.

My son’s story: doing geology field work in Northern Colorado, our son was +interned that 2 weeks might not be long enough to finish his thesis work in extreme heat in those rugged mountains. I shipped him the foods and beverages and he used them , and he was energetic enough to finish in 1 week! 

Two other benefits are, they pack easily and small and can be sipped during work, or a quick lunch in less than 5 minutes. They save so much time!

Give these a try if you
1. Want nutritionally dense foods,
2. Always have a meal in your bag, even if there is no time to prep or go out
3. Want to nourish, balance, and cleanse all 5 systems of your body
4. Want to be in control of your diet wherever you travel.
5. Are vegan.

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