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Union With God (July)

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Service Description

Join us for a 5-day Immersive Online Experience through Heart Imagery exercises at the end of a workday to energize and heal to feel refreshed the next day. ​ These transformative imagery experiences bring together what you see, sense, feel and know. When you “see” an image you simultaneously “feel” emotions (i.e. anger, sadness, resentments, etc), or feelings (love, harmony, peace, clarity) or you may even physically “sense” something in your body (a rush of energy that heals a sickness, your kundalini awakening etc). Every powerful image gradually helps you escape the ordinary limitations of your earth-bound living, aligning with your vertical axis, your Higher-Self and your indomitable eternal, thereby enabling you to balance your mental, emotional and physical body. It is interesting to read scientifically proven studies that demonstrate how imagery can cure cancer. ​ Beyond healing, the Heart Imagery Workshops give us some unique and brilliant imagery exercises that make the most attractive development for any human is dreaming of: knowledge, wisdom and an insight specific to our individual temperaments and needs. Mastering the imagery techniques offers deeper penetration and finer and finer subtle experiences. Experiencing “inner light” and “inner sound” become easy. Benefits Learn how to move your Spirit from the your Brain to your Heart using our specialized, yet easy to implement Imagery system Discover how you learn to switch your energy from heavy emotions (e.g. anger, fear, frustration, irritation, envy, depression) to positive feelings (e.g. unconditional love, calmness, peace, harmony. Learn to lighten your being through cleaning your emotional trauma and your past. Learn to gain the techniques to reverse the effects of a sickness. Clean your dreams and nightmares, facilitating lucid dreaming. Energize, empower and clean your chakras. Understand how to heal yourself. Learn how to let go of your anxieties and connect with your Inner Essence. Train yourself learn to better handle deal with stress under any circumstance. Learn to use effectively your life force energy – prana – to energize and clean yourself. Enjoy more of a connection with Mother Earth’s energy. Learn to ‘BE

Contact Details

  • Los Angeles, CA, USA

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