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Erika Ehrenkaufer

About Me


Erika has always had a strong love and connection to mother earth. She was blessed to be raised in national parks and farms. She now lives with her family in the North Florida and enjoys its wild woods, waterways, and swamps.


Erika has been blessed to be mama to 3 amazing beings, loving them and her family has been her greatest joy.


“When I started practicing the Living in the Heart method it was easy for me. Living in the heart, loving everyone, and the universe, that's everything. It has really transformed me in a short time.


I have been exposed to many different meditation practices my entire life. These teachings of Living in the Heart, resonate with me more deeply than anything I have experienced before.


I am so excited for the opportunity to share it and help others.” - Erika Ehrenkaufer ❤️🙏❤️

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