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Heart Imagery Sessions

Heart Imagery 1 on 1 Sessions

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  1. Learn how to move your Spirit from the your Brain to your Heart using our specialized, yet easy to implement Imagery system

  2. Discover how you learn to switch your energy from heavy emotions (e.g. anger, fear, frustration, irritation, envy, depression) to positive feelings (e.g. unconditional love, calmness, peace, harmony.

  3. Learn to lighten your being through cleaning your emotional trauma and your past.

  4. Learn to gain the techniques to reverse the effects of a sickness.

  5. Clean your dreams and nightmares, facilitating lucid dreaming.

  6. Energize, empower and clean your chakras.

  7. Understand how to heal yourself.

  8. Learn how to let go of your anxieties and connect with your Inner Essence.

  9. Train yourself learn to better handle deal with stress under any circumstance.

  10. Learn to use effectively your life force energy – prana – to energize and clean yourself.

  11. Enjoy more of a connection with Mother Earth’s energy.

  12. Learn to ‘BE’ in the fully present, here and now; no mind, no thoughts.

  13. Enable forgiveness to flow from the holy space of your Heart.

  14. Learn to Cleanse and reconnect with your three transformative chakra centres: Navel, heart centre and Third Eye, the pivotal chakras for ascension.

  15. Learn to train to utilize the most effective spiritual technique: gratitude

Areas Addressed

Cleaning the Energy of Your Day and Reversing a sickness

Clean the whole consciousness of the depth of yesterday, and your very being will be transformed through it. Try this. This method is not very difficult, only persistent effort is needed; there is no inherent difficulty in the method. It is simple, and you can start it right now.


The dream is your truth. Dreaming is a huge topic. Not too many info out there unfortunately. In each culture I found that at the advanced level of consciousness Dreaming is a main topic. Tibetans, Kabbalist’s, Shamans in America and Shamans in Siberia, all of them have Dreaming technique part of their curriculum.

Switch your Energy

A lot of teachers are preaching “Don’t be angry” without giving any technique. But you will only suppress yourself. That will create more anger! That will create guilt and inferiority, and it will make you feel incapable. In Heart Imagery we learn to redirect the energy from anger to harmony and peace. Instantly! Right when it happens. One of the most effective techniques within all spiritual practices.

Interior Smile Spiral

Realize that inside your Heart, it is the centre of the Universe and it forms a spiral of light that goes trough your main organs in the following order: Heart, Left Lung, Brain, Right Lung, Liver, Right Kidney, Genitals, Left Kidney, Spleen and it moves outside continuing the spiral form to the infinite; the centre of the Galaxy in inside of your Heart.

The Three Centres Cleaning Meditation

We all have 3 centres: the first one (we are connected there when we are born) is behind the navel and is BEING, the second one is in the heart and is FEELING and the third one is up in the brain (the third eye) and is KNOWLEDGE. We need to centre ourselves back in one of these centre and connect back with our inner essence. If we are not centred and we live at the periphery we will never be able to reconnect with who we really are!

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