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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop is one of the most important workshop on this planet! The information, training and meditations presented during this wonderful 4 day experience is the ancient yet long forgotten process to automatically and permanently activate the Heart Merkaba around your body to connect your heart with your brain and open the Third Eye allowing the Beams of Light to activate creating a Halo.

When all of these are again engaged, one’s Merkaba is naturally activated and one completely remembers and knows how to fulfill one’s potential of creation using love here on Earth…a “New Body, New World, New Life!”

Some amazing meditations and exercises that you are going to experience during the workshop: 

  • Drunvalo Melchizedek’s The School of Remembering

  • Understanding of how Creation Process Works

  • The Difference between Love and Fear Meditations

  • The Blue School of Claudette Melchizedek

  • Healing Circle and the Pyramid Healing Meditation

  • Unity Breath Meditation

  • Heart Meditation and The Tiny Space of the Heart

  • Access to Akashic Records and see your past lives

  • The Blessing Dance Meditation

  • Creating from the Brain and Creating from the Heart

  • Beams of Light Activation

  • Opening the Third Eye and The Human Halo

  • Mer-Ka-Ba the Human Light Body

  • Programming the Mer-Ka-Ba and Creating an external Mer-Ka-Ba

  • Activation of the New Mer-Ka-BaCreation Process (from the Tiny Space of the Heart)

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