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Living In The Heart teaches you how to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies and it harmonizes your energy in 3 different workshops with a professional trainer.  The Ancient Way Trader Shop also offers a great variety of Native American products, Margie’s Jewelry, Erika’s Iced Tie Dye, and Quality Vegan Nutrition to support

greater health and deeper meditation.

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Margery Detring is a Certified Teacher in Journeys into the Heart: The Inner Path and Heart Imagery: Cleaning the Past and Self Renewal and Awakening the Illuminated Heart. She is also trained in Extra Ocular Vision (brain reconnection working with children), a Reiki master, jewelry maker, energy worker,  and a nutritional educator. She first studied with Drunvalo Melchizedek in 1999, becoming a teacher in Awakening the Illuminated Heart in 2013. Margery began studying with Daniel Mitel in 2013, beginning Kriya Yoga  in 2015, and Cleaning the Past and Heart Imagery in 2018.

Journeys into

the Heart

These workshops are associated with the Awakening The Illuminated Heart (ATIH) seminar. It provides the best preparation and practice for those who intend to attend the “Awakening The Illuminated Heart” seminar in the future and helps those who have already attended the ATIH seminar to further improve their practice on the Tiny Space Of Heart Meditation.

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Awakening The Illuminated Heart workshop is a wonderful 4 day experience is the ancient yet long forgotten process to automatically and permanently activate the Heart Merkaba around your body to connect your heart with your brain and open the Third Eye allowing the Beams of Light to activate creating a Halo.



Heart Imagery teaches you how to balance your mental, emotional and physical bodies and it harmonizes your energy. These techniques are essential, in order to acquire a better understanding and cope with Mother Earth’s powerful feminine energy that has been ever-permeating the planet since December 21, 2012.

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